Food Truck Catering

We provide corporate pizza catering in Melbourne tailored to your budget and event’s size. Choose from our extensive selection of woodfired pizzas or sit down with our chefs to create a custom menu for your corporate guests.

Our Catering Packages

Pizza Only

Up to 50, 70, 105 & 150 guests

Pizza Only Catering Package

We take our beautiful, slow prove, Neapoletan dough that has been slowly fermenting for at least 48 hours. We then hand stretch and top with local and imported seasonal ingredients, next our skillful Pizzaioli bake your pizza in our traditional wood fired oven at temperatures up to 450c. Your Pizza party will be sure to impress your guest’s and more importantly you.
* These packages are for shared/ buffet style service from a table provided by us or yourself. Service from the truck is an additional charge.
* You can choose 6 pizza from our full menu plus our dessert pizza for these package's.
* Price's shown are gst exc. please allow an addional 10% for your gst payment. Thankyou


  • Please choose 6 pizza to serve from our menu


  • 2 pizza chefs
  • up to 50 pizzas
  • 2 hours of service
  • $1,300 gst exc
  • additional pizza $24 each


  • 2 pizza chefs
  • up to 70 pizzas
  • 2 hours of service
  • $1,700 gst exc.
  • additional pizza $22.50 each gst exc


  • 3 pizza chefs
  • up to 105 pizzas
  • 2.5 hours of service
  • $2,050 gst exc.
  • additional pizza $19.50 each gst exc


  • 3 pizza chefs
  • up to 150 pizza
  • 2.5 hours service
  • $2,600 gst exc.
  • additional pizza $17.50 each gst exc

All you can eat pizza. $30 per guest. gst exc

Feel free to choose 6 pizza from our full menu plus our dessert pizza. Service with bookings of up to 70 guests going for 2 hours and bookings of up to 150 going for 2.5 hours.

This package works well when you know your guests are big eaters and you would like to send everyone home feeling full & content.

*Please see terms & conditions at the bottom of the page.

Deluxe Catering Package

Minimum 50 guests

Deluxe Catering Package

When you really want to roll out the big guns, we offer our Deluxe package which has all the bells and whistles.

Deluxe Catering Package

  • Minimum 50 guests
  • What you get!
  • $55 per head

This package includes all the goodies we offer and the catering goes for 3 hours. Start with a lush Grazing table to get your guests in the mood whilst enjoy a cold drink, then we get the Pizza & Salad buffet going while your event is humming along nicely. After all of this your guests can settle in for the night and have an amazing Gelato to really leave a lasting impression of what an amazing time they had.

This Package represents great value for a Deluxe experience.

  • Grazing table / Antipasto 1 hour pre pizza service
  • All you cant eat pizza buffet for 2 hours
  • Italian salad buffet mid pizza service.
  • Gelato service for the final hour.

*Please see terms & conditions at the bottom of the page.

Pizza & Gelato

Pizza package with Gelato service $6.50 per guest (gst exc) , min 50 guests.

Pizza & Gelato

Once you have chosen your Pizza package, get excited about our Pizza & Gelato experience. We have partnered with Gelato Lab in Black rock to offer a truly delightful gelato experience alongside our beautiful pizza. Our Natural gelato is locally made using no preservatives or artificial flavour. To add Gelato to your package its $6.50 per guest. Min spend is $500



*please choose 2-3 flavours

*Please see terms & conditions at the bottom of the page.

Pizza & Salad

Pizza package and 2 additional salads per guest. Minimum 50 guests.

Pizza & Salad Package

We think there is no better way to compliment your pizza party than adding some super fresh, zingy Italian salad.

Once you have you pizza package add 2 of our delightful salads for $8 per guest

  • Minimum 50 guests

We set up a table with your choice of 2 individual salads laid out for your guests to graze on in between pizza slices. We use Biodegradable bowls and forks for this service and can adjust our salad for dietary requirements.


  • Rocket and Parmesan: Fresh rocket, Italian parmesan, roasted pine nuts in a balsamic and olive oil dressing.
  • Insalata Verde: Mixed salad leaves, cucumber, avocado, parsley, dill, radish, parmesan with a Lemon & olive oil dressing.
  • Pomodoro: Medley of seasonal tomatoes, rocket, basil, olives, baby mozzarella, red onion in a balsamic dressing.
  • Caprese: the best tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil, olive oil. (only when tomatoes are in season, $2 extra per guest).

*Please see terms & conditions at the bottom of the page.

Grazing Table / Antipasto

Minimum 50 guests

Grazing Table / Antipasto Package

Adding a grazing table or antipasto really adds a nice touch to your pizza catering package.


  • Minimum 50 guests
  • $14.50 per head (gst ex)

This option is a perfect start before your guests enjoy the pizza service, this also works well if you wish to offer a more substantial offering and a longer food service. We source the best produce to offer you a stunning grazing table that is full of Mediterranean delights.

We set this up on a table for your guest to help themselves 1 hours prior to pizza service. We use mini bamboo bowl and bio forks. We also do a fab vegan grazing table if that’s your jam!

Add the most amazing grazing table to your pizza party for $14.50 per head. gst ex


-marinated Italian style veggies

-mixed marinated olives.

-mini red peppers stuffed with goats cheese

-baby bocconcini

-salumi board including sopressa & pancetta

-mortadella & provolone platter

-local brie, served with turkish dry apricots

-local aged cheddar, served with quince past.

-DOP Gorgonzola, serve with pistachios

-selection of crackers, lavosh , grissini

-trio of hand made dips

-fresh sliced sourdough

-seasonal fruit

-assorted nuts & pretzels

-marinated roast mushrooms

* add ons Proscuitto di Parma, NZ smoked Salmon, fresh baked garlic foccacia. please enquire for pricing.

*Please see terms & conditions at the bottom of the page.

Customise your own menu

Create a custom menu for your guests.

Customise your own menu package

We appreciate our clients can have their own unique tastes and needs, and we are more than happy to accommodate whenever we can.

If you wish to build your own package we are more than happy to do so and also offer a discount if you choose a minimum of 2 offering on top of a pizza package.

We are even happy to do a full vegan or gluten free menu for you.

  • Choose your pizza package
  • Add 2 more catering lines ie. Gelato & salad and we will provide a 10% discount on the entire package

*Please see terms & conditions at the bottom of the page.

Knifey Spooney

We’d be happy to provide plates, cutlery, napkins for your events, and we use all biodegradable products that can be recycled or composted because let’s face it, we have one planet and we need to keep her intact!

Please let us know and we can provide all of these for $1.50 per guest.

Otherwise hands & napkins work just fine.

Catering Terms & Conditions

  • Please note, due to our cost of goods constantly increasing and staff shortages post covid, our prices no longer include gst. please allow for an additional 10% to the prices shown on here. gst does not go to us, its for the ATO.
  • Minimum spend May- September is $1400 ( jobs outside of Melbourne $1700) our $1200 package is only for lunch time functions and Monday -Thursday evening.
  • Our minimum spend from October-April is $1700 (lunch & midweek functions are negotiable) please get in touch for an accurate quote. Friday & Saturday minimum spend is $2050
  • Minimum spend for catering outside of Melbourne in peak season is $2600 Oct- April ( gelato & antipasto not included in min spend)
  • To secure our Big Bertha food truck it's an additional $300 otherwise our sweet new pizza trailer may cater your event.
  • Minimum spend for Sunday & public holiday functions is $2600( public holidays will have a 15% surcharge)
  • Minimum deposit of $500 or 30% (whichever is greater) is required upon confirmation of booking, we accept credit card or EFT
  • Invoice balance is due 14 days prior to the event
  • Bookings refundable up to 30 days prior to the event
  • Travel outside of Melbourne CBD will incur a travel fee, price upon application. Please keep in mind travel time for staff and fuel for truck and generator.
  • All you can eat pizza is for a set time window, we are always happy to leave you some pizza for later on, providing it is requested within the booking time window
  • Pizza only packages, if your guests don’t eat all the ordered pizza we are more than happy to bake and box up any remaining pizza should you wish for us to do so.
  • Gluten free friendly pizza are available at an additional $5 each.Please note our gluten free friendly pizza is just that and probably not suitable for true Coeliac guests due to the confined space we often work in. Please let us know if your guests will require some of these in the booking process.

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